COLOMBIA |||||||||| SANTA MARTA - PLAYA EL RODADERO. Can't wait to go back!!! Santa Marta, Colombia

Santa Marta on the Colombian Caribbean Coast. It was the first Spanish settlement and remains the oldest surviving city in the Country.

Fincas cafeteras en Armenia Colombia

Eje cafetero en Colombia: un viaje con aroma de café


This photo must have been taken during the zombie apocalypse because there are NEVER so few cars on the street.

Barichara - Santander, Colombia

Colonial streets at Barichara - Santander, Colombia

Colombia | Necklace from the Tairona culture (with Sinu style pendant); gold, green hardstone | ca. 300 - 1600 AD || This has probably been recently restrung, using the old elements

Jadeite beads were my favorite, they stick in your dreams, 25 years later I saw a strand I had strung and I immediately remembered each bead, each sequence, like a memorized poem or song.

Animal-Headed Figure Pendant Date: 1st–7th century Geography: Colombia Culture: Calima (Yotoco) Medium: Gold

Animal-Headed Figure Pendant Date: century Geography: Colombia Culture: Calima (Yotoco) Medium: Gold Dimensions: H.

San Agustín Archaeological Park - Colombia

Stone statue in the San Agustín Archaeological Park, Columbia

Centro de Medellín y Museo de Antioquia.

April 2015 Medellín, Colombia About a week ago after having one of those days, I felt like unwinding by turning off the world and tuning in to some…