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a tweet that reads, 10 years ago today i married my best friend my wife's still really angry about it but me and davee were drunk & thought it was funny
a tweet that reads, i heard someone say they knew guy named hunter in college but he was vegan so they all called him gather and think that's hilarious
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And that's why we love it! And also why I love Shawn's character- James Roday is brilliant! You think Shawn never takes anything seriously and then when he shows just how seriously he takes things it's so sad and amazing.
a man with long hair wearing a flower in his hair, and the caption reads, what girls like when someone says you look so much like your dad
three men standing next to each other with the caption that awkward moment when your friends think you shot a guy
the office meme is very funny and it looks like he's talking on his phone
The Office Meme, mental illness
Michael’s ADHD and Jim is anxiety one is overthinking and one is under thinking
a man in a suit and tie sitting on a couch with his hand to his mouth