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Valentino StellaMcCartney top, Dior boots and Hermès See previous post for shoe Up Close.

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Yesterday - sweater, printed distressed leggings, (color bamboo), belt and heels (see previous post for Up Close and LIKEtoKNOW.

Today - top, (my favorite pair at the time), 'Pigalle' cuff and bag. Last time I wore this top I was pregnant and almost about to pop, take a look 👇

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Vince shirt, Zara skirt, Lanvin belt and Louboutin Pigalle

Last night - jacket and gloves, denim shirt, 'Maria high rise Photo ready skinny' jeans, 'Youpi' and 'Louise' bag. See previous photo for Up Close.

Today - jacket, top, jeans, 'Pigalle' (in color mango) and 'Himalaya'

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Saturday night - dress, leather jacket and bag and See previous post for bag Up Close.

Last night - top, (love the back on his top! One of my go to tops found at Neimans sale years ago. Tap hashtag for more looks with this top bag, jeans and boots.