Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Colombia

The Pulpito del Diablo: Standing out of the ice like an emblem of Sierra Nevada, more than high. On top of the Nevada Del Cocuy this rock Formation is located in an altitude of about Do you dare to climb up here?

Colombia ,Manizales

Amazing view in Manizales, Colombia. In the front you can see the ancient cathedral of Manizales, and in the back stands the Andes mountain range.

Bogotá | Colombia | Pestana Bogota Hotel | Travel Destinations

One of the world's greenest capitals, Bogotá, Colombia has about 5200 thirteen parks and 13 wetlands throughout the metropolitan area.

SUESCA "Roca de las Aves". Cundinamarca -colombia

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Known as the only natural Pyramid in the world, this natural scenery makes for a beautiful natural Setting.

Ciudad Perdida,Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

La Ciudad Perdida (the lost city) en Sierra Nevada , from the Tayrona Empire. Our Sierra Nevada Gourmet Single Origin Coffee from this region has some exquisite chocolate notes due to this magnificent region's soils.