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a glass mug filled with liquid sitting on top of a white plate
an iced drink being poured into a glass jar on top of a table next to a book
Coffee glass on trend
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three glass bottles with different types of food in them on a table next to each other
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two plastic cups filled with ice cream and brown liquid sitting next to each other on a white surface
iced oatmilk latte
two powdered donuts sitting in a plastic container
s o o h u i
several packaged food items on a bed
a picnic table with sandwiches and other food items on it, including an open lunch box
a r i e l
an assortment of snacks are laid out on a bed
sushi on a cutting board with chopsticks next to bowls of soup and rice
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there are many different types of food in the display case at this grocery store, including rolls and sushi