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Daniel Garzón

Daniel Garzón
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Works despite the second head layer. The skin represents Withered Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's is taken from the skin file)


Wolf Girl, Anime Chibi, Digital Art, Channel, Kawaii, Animation, Kawaii Cute, Motion Graphics

C:  SilverAngel907 by mahkala

Commission for of her lovely oc Maika! Maika was designed by ZenithOmocha~ ♥ you did a fabulous job, btw! I also did a speedpaint of this .

Anime picture with original ringo-chan (otokuyou) otokuyou single tall image blush short hair looking at viewer blue eyes simple background fringe white white hair pleated skirt hair between eyes zettai ryouiki payot head tilt embarrassed arched back

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