Nevada: High Roller (Story)

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The oldest of the Morgan sisters, and the 'favorite girl' at the Gomorrah Casino. From my Wattpad story: "Nevada: High Roller."

Georgia Morgan (OC)

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Courier Six and the main character in my Wattpad story: "Nevada: High Rolller." Can't seem to die and is going to make it YOUR problem. (Made on Artbreeder)

Nevada Morgan (Main Character OC)

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The nine-year old little sister of Nevada Morgan from my Wattpad story, Nevada: High Roller. Made on Artbreeder

Virginia Morgan (OC)

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The father of the Morgan sisters from my Wattpad story, "Nevada: High Roller."

Dean Morgan (OC)

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The mother of the Morgan sisters and wife to Dean Morgan from my Wattpad story, "Nevada: High Roller."

Dakota Morgan (OC)

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The Morgan Ranch-Shack (Location)

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Nevada + Georgia

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Nevada + Benny (Nevenny)

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Nevada + Virginia

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Swank (FO:NV Character)

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Benny Gecko (FO:NV Character)

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Craig Boone (FO:NV Character)

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Inspiration: Victorian Little Girls, Pressed Flowers and Dolls | Byron's muse

Georgia & Swank

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Georgia & Benny

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Luxe Pauvre

Nevada/Benny & Mr House

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Goodsprings (Location)

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Fallout New Vegas ED-E

Primm (Location)

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Joshua Tree Cacti Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
Red Mountains
Shack In The Desert

Harper's Shack/ Nevada & Virginia's Shack (Location)

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Saba on the Stairs V

New Vegas (City, Location)

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Hannibal's Kitchen/dining room

The Ultra Luxe (Location)

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Gomorrah (Location)

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Quick sample 24-48h • Glossy • Wall & floor

Lucky 38 (Location)

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The Tops (Location)

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these are beautiful words and sound poetic in both ways

Fortification Hill (Location)

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Novac (Location)

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