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three pictures of people standing in front of a conveyor belt at a grocery store
ummmm :3 se antojo. conclusión si funciona esta publicidad jaja
a person riding a bike with an umbrella
KITKAT - Have a seat
Excelente campaña de KitKat que comunica perfectamente su concepto de "Date un Break". Para ello, la empresa colocó marquesinas por toda la ciudad con un mensaje donde la persona que estuviera en sentándose aquí a tal hora ganará un móvil nuevo. Así pudo introducir el KitKat Android.
a man standing in front of a mcdonalds advertisement
Creative and Cool Interactive Advertisements. People love puzzles. They also think that they can be The person to accomplish it because people love the feeling of winning. This interactive placement would be perfect in a mall or at an airport for people to work on if they are waiting for someone to finish shopping or if they are waiting for their flight.
an advertisement for legos is displayed on the side of a street with multiple images
junio, 2011
Lego 03
a man holding a smart phone in front of a wall with speakers on the side
Seguros NRMA Australia. Seguro integral de auto que incluye accesorios hasta la perdida del stereo. La parada simula un stereo. Para escuchar musica con el smarth phone te haces fan de su page y le das like! elegis tu track favorito y esperas el bondi con musica :) Combina street mkt, social media y experiencia de marca
people are standing on the sidewalk near a bus stop with many cans of beer in front of them
[Food & Beverage] McDonald's sensitive panel gives out free McFlurry | JCDecaux Netherlands
JCDecaux the Netherlands : McDonalds McFlurry heat sensative panel - YouTube
a woman is standing in front of a vending machine with an advertisement on it
JCDecaux France : Innovate for Tic Tac
Acción BTL de Tic Tac. JCDecaux France : Innovate for Tic Tac
several people waiting at a bus stop for the light to change
[NGOs & Charities] Bondi beachgoers get shady with free sunscreen claw machines | JCDecaux Australia
平常拿到路邊的派樣,無感,但如果是靠你努力才能得到的呢?這個在公車亭夾娃娃機的免費派樣,有一套。Bondi beachgoers get shady with free sunscreen claw machines | JCDecaux ...
a man standing next to a giant advertisement for mcdonald's
An advert that engages touch
La publicidad busca acercar las marcas a sus consumidores...