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Log it seems that martial art students and cult students do not mix yet there seems to be two people from those clubs that are in love with each other.

Log Kuudere-chan becomes a serial killer for a day because of an insult to her hair.

Game Development Blog Guess who?

Kokona Haruka Saki Miyu Yandere Simulator -- Website --------------------------------------------------- Seems like this one wasnt read. Looks like acid rain again

[Yandere Simulator] Unrequited - Page 4 by TheMissingPhoenix

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Yandere Simulator Development Blog | Page 15

Yandere Simulator Development Blog | Page 15

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Asu:Is a hairpin,for your Friday love confession Hanako:Ayano Senpai!This is my brother& favorite book! Oka:hehe I think he will certainly accept. Osoro:I will kill .