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Harm Depression, Cut Tonight, Self Harm Quotes Cutting, Cutting Quotes its terrible, that so much people in this world self harm I do too self harm quote

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depressed suicidal alone broken self harm cutting wrists . You asked. But yet another reason for you to hate me, I lied to you Samya. I lied to you.

The water is clear, but your wrists are stained. Your face says happy, but your eyes say pain.

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For these Suicide and Self Harm Awareness Weeks, everyone who has ever done either should draw a semi-colon on their wrist to show a story the author (you) has chosen not to end. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

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It was just my dog, it was just me being clumsy it was all an accident. them why are they so clean precise straight. Well that's because lies are clean precise and straight

It's scary having to see someone your so close to walk around with cuts on their wrist. But it's beautiful to see it on your own skin!

Ur not only hurting URSElf ur hurting da ones dat luv u cuz it's hard to see people dat u luv hurt themselves

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depressed depression suicidal suicide self harm Promise Phrases kaleb I promised and im doin a damn good job at not doing it.

Self harm is something people need to be aware of, if any of my followers need someone to talk to, im always here.

its true in so many ways like its hard to decribe how u can b so happy yet so sad at the same time

You're all angles lovelies! Please don't end your lives now! You can do it!

I say there in silence for a long time after reading this. And every time I cut myself I think back to this. Is it true? Are suicidal people just angels wanting to return home?