Novelty world globe kettle | hardtofind.

"Brighten up your kitchen with this cheerful whistling globe kettle. Fun and quirky but extremely functional this kettle made from heat resistant carbon steel and enamel can be used on electric, gas and induction stove tops.

World Globes - Map Decor - never get lost again. want.

One of my favorite things at Philbrook Art Museum, Tulsa, OK -- World Globes - Map Decor - never get lost again.

How can you  not love this?

1926 English World Globe on Brass Elephant Statue

rwa42: British museum,  ©pearled on flickr

I like the idea of incorporating a globe or earth into the logo. Mechanical celestial globe at the British Museum, from Kassel, Germany, 1575

I would like to visit this place someday

Exploring The Great Ocean Walk – What You Should Bear In Mind

vintage globes collection - I'd put them in chronological order to track how the world has changed.