Yin yang Strength  Good and bad  Moon and soul So meaningful... So deep #wolftattoo #tattoodesign #strenghtsymbol #yinyang

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#wolf #moon #tattoo #tribal

or impose tha thing over tha moon! These silhouette artworks have a beauty all their own. Sanding down to 600 grit helps to deliver the fine crisp lines. Very good pyrography.

wolf tattoo design - I like the background and shading for a non-colored tattoo

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I want to leave, cut myself off from everything. Literally all forms of communication. I want to explore and live for me, for just a little while.  I want to lie in my bed and stay there forever.

My heart is a wolf ruled by two moons; one which beckons me back into the night, the other is calling me home." Possible quote for my wolf tattoo.