ratiopharm ist für anfänger! wir machen sowas! du erkennst auch gleich welche ein bisschen dicker ist...also welche ich bin! :>

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"Hat Dogs" by William Wegman for Acne Studios: Best known for his work with Weimaraners, American photographer William Wegman has teamed up with Acne Studios on a humorous collection of photographs.

William Wegman, Walk-a-thon....gotta love it..those shoes!!

Walk-a-thon, by William Wegman. This photograph is representative of William Wegman's signature work, which features comically anthropom.

A Weimaraner finds a chic perch on an Eames chair in William Wegman's 2015 photograph "Eames Low," on exhibit in "Artists Including Me: William Wegman" through Feb. 7 at the San Jose Museum of Art.  Credit: William Wegman and Marc Selwyn Fine Art Los Angeles Photo: William Wegman And Marc Selwyn F

Wegman’s Weimaraners go upscale at San Jose Museum of Modern Art

Available for sale from Senior & Shopmaker Gallery, William Wegman, Eames Low Pigment print, 30 × 24 in

I have always wanted a Weimaraner and its all william wegman's fault.

William Wegman, Altered State, 1989 One of my favorite photographs of all time.

Interesting Pictures of Dogs

Interesting Pictures of Dogs

William Wegman 'Slow Guitar' 1987

William Wegman, Slow Guitar, 1987 Slow Guitar is from the.

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60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll: Who loves ‘ya, baby? Your in-laws, your dog or your landlord?

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Artist William Wegman captures his beautiful dog for “The Dog Issue” of Man About Town Barking Mad, with styling by Samuel François.

William Wegman, Fingers and Toes, 1996

This is pictured by William Wegman and I think its super hilarious how he is making the dog look miserable as a human.