Destino A Disney & Salvador Dalí collaborative project.

The Dark and Obscure Gems of the Disney Vault

Walt Disney's & Salvador Dali - Destino 2003 (HD - The time Salvador Dali worked for Disney

What happens when you combine a #Disney movie with #sex ed? Now you know -- via @Huffington Post

WATCH: Vintage Disney Video Explains Periods

The Disney Menstruation Story. The girls were herded into the gym to watch this film, while the guys got to go on a field trip. That was the first clue things were about to get really weird.

My Aunt Tommie on her wedding day.. She was Walt Disney's secretary, and he walked her down the isle..

In June Walt Disney gave away bride Thelma England Blount, his secretary, in her wedding to Tom Wilck.

walt disney with harriet burns, the first woman hired by walt disney imagineering

disneylandguru: “ Walt Disney with Harriet Burns, the first woman hired by Walt Disney Imagineering ”

Walt Disney and daughter, Sharon, dance on the day of her wedding to Robert Brown. May 10, 1959.  ~~  (From WaltDisneyLand on Facebook.)

Here are some happy vintage photos of everyday life of Walter Elias Disney and his family's members. Walt and his first secretary, also.

Young Walt Disney

Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois, December

Walt Disney

The Magical Story of Disney Stock