VW Beetle Convertible in Aquarius Blue  a.k.a my dream car when I was in middle school

My beautiful car: VW Beetle Convertible in Aquarius Blue w/ white hydrangea in the holder

My next car, a yellow VW Beetle Convertible! (The 2012's don't have convertibles.....yet.)

VW New Beetle Cabriolet The Volkswagen New Beetle is a car introduced by Volkswagen in drawing heavily on the design cues of the original Beetle.

VW Beetle Convertible (I actually have one of these, but am probably selling it in the Spring)

Photos and description of Volkswagen new beetle cabriolet,Volkswagen. Everything you want to know about this car.

VW Beetle Convertible in black with a red interior! Finally a realistic wish as I'll be able to legally drive one soon!

Used Volkswagen Beetle 2009 Petrol Sola Convertible Black With Full Service History For Sale

MyDownloads - VW Beetle Convertible

MyDownloads - VW Beetle Convertible