Beep Beep

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1972 VW Beetle White walls, wheel rims color, and bumper style Oh, I've got my eyes on you

Ultimo vocho en el 2003

the very very last unit of vw bug ever made,(buildit in Mexico) now this vw belongs to the vw´s museum in Germany this vw bug was the number 21 million 529 thousend 464

Loved my old veedub, even if it was a deathtrap, lol! #VW #Volkswagen #Beetle

Affiche Combi Evolution

Artist Dale Klee Unframed Old Volkswagen Print Bugs and Things |

Dale Klee Bugs and Things

A field is covered with BUGS AND THINGS--Dale Klee's creative print of vintage Volkswagen Beetles, VW Vans, Volkswagen Microbus, Dune Buggy, Transporter.