Download a free Scientific Explanations (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) poster, suitable for printing for your classroom. If You Only Concentrate on One New Strategy, Make it CER Every science teacher understands the value of students being able to explain phenomena, not simply to define vocabulary words or to answer questions that require them to show what they have memorized. But teaching students to construct explanations is challenging. IQWST makes the process easier by supporting t...

FREE Download: Scientific Explanations - Claim, Evidence, Reasoning

The CER framework divides explanations into three logical, manageable, & teachable components for middle school students: Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning.

Touhou * Anyone knows this character's name ??

Touhou * Anyone knows this character's name ??

We hope this post is interesting! These Synonym Sunday words aren't exact synonyms, but all of these words are similar to the word "interesting." Check out the #AmericanEnglish graphic for these adjectives: engrossing, absorbing, enthralling, riveting, compelling, intriguing, fascinating, captivating & engaging. What other words can you add to this list?

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English vocabulary - Animals and their babies Learn or practise English with native English speakers on

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Still not sure which word to use? Choose a picture and take a look through the many choices! This graphic has excellent pictures to go with the information and I think that really help gets the point across. Anna comments: expansion of vocabulary

Spanish onomatopoeia are a fun way to teach vocabulary and culture to kids. Printable version.

Spanish Onomatopoeia for Kids

Educational infographic & data visualisation Spanish are a fun way to teach vocabulary and culture to kids. Pri… Infographic Description Spanish are a fun way to teach vocabulary and culture to kids.