Undertake what’s easy as if it were hard, and what’s hard as if it were easy. In the first case, so that confidence doesn’t make you careless; in the second, so that lack of confidence doesn’t make you discouraged. - Baltasar Gracian
que virilidad
Erotismo y sensualidad con el atractivo masculino de estos espectaculares modelos rusos de Sleek’N’Tears Project. Arte y virilidad de hombres.
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Noble. Google definition--"distinguished by rank or title; pertaining to persons so distinguished." Text example: "His father ate his oatmeal with one hand working the spoon....which always hurt with what seemed to be a noble pain, willingly taken on with his dudes as a husband and father." (Page 11) My sentence-- The noble lion is often referred to as the "king of the jungle."
Pas pour le disciple du Christ qui a dit : "Père, non pas ma volonté, mais la TIENNE !" ( Ev. de Matthieu 26:39)
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Grind..fight on..stay humble
Men on Pintrest!?!? ......guilty
"Nature has everywhere written her protest against idleness..."
I met a man who fought dragons and I asked him how he can win against such a raw and unstoppable force of nature.  He said. "Someone once told the dragons a fairy tale of how a knight in shining armor killed a dragon, now they are afraid it might be true and all I do now is put a defeated enemy out of their misery" -Luke Davis-
Live by it! Most people, in the end, will appreciate the fact that you were honest...
The Great One!
fatigue makes for cowards
H. L. Mencken Quote married women. Single men.