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12 Creepy Kids in Halloween Masks

13 Vintage Photos of Scary Halloween Masks - PROJECT B - Vintage Photography, Photo-Based Art & Curated Projects

Martian Costumes-Halloween 1960...

This is my cousin Eve Weintz and her date dressed in martian costumes made by my mother Delores Liess. The notation on the back of the photo states that they won a costume contest at a dance club.

Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes | Creepy Old Halloween Costumes

20+ Vintage Halloween Costumes That Are Way Creepier Than Anything You Saw This Halloween

This wasn't your typical All Hallow's Eve. Vintage photos of creepy Halloween costumes have recently surfaced and have taken the meaning of DIY to a new level. The black-and-white pics, which date bac.

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These Old Timey Costumes Will Creep You Out

previous pinner says: Vintage Halloween. Either that or one ugly clown that would scare the hell out of me anytime, any day!

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18 Terrifying Old Costumes You Can't Unsee

Vera Ellen: Halloween Pinup Pose

A collection of fabulous Classic Hollywood Halloween Photos Vera Ellen in an amazing bat costume and wearing a snazz.

35 Creepy Cool Vintage Halloween Costumes - Team Jimmy Joe

35 Creepy Cool Vintage Halloween Costumes

Bizarre Vintage Halloween Costumes

What, no super heroes and sexy nurses? Vintage photographs show bizarre and inventive Halloween costumes from a giant pair of eyes to a pork chop

Be glad we decided to evolve Halloween from the cultural roots of Europe. If we didn't we'd continue to have some really creepy costumes. Check it out we're not kidding be glad there are a bunch of kids running around as Iron Man or Spiderman.

Vicky Butterfly by Maria S. Varela, 2013 - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Burlesque Beauty Vicky Butterfly as a Spider Louise Brooks style photo by Maria S Vavela.

50 Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas photo

50 Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas

Lots of inspiration, diy & makeup tutorials and all accessories you need to create your own DIY Mummy Costume for Halloween.