I am going to put some victory rolls into the hair what we learnt the other day on the day of my assessment and also add a bandanna to the head to give the effect she was a land girl,

Retro har victory curls front sides, then tie a scarf around head on top of the hair, take all hair hanging down and tuck it inside the scarf and pin to cover the bottom semi circle of the scarf.

DIY: Super Beautiful Hairstyle! I totally need this for Halloween.

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Pinup Victory Rolls tutorial; I want to know how to do this so bad. @Sydnye Andrews McCleery

Trendy Long Hair Women’s Styles Pinup Victory Rolls tutorial // This. (And she's got the same hair colour!

The hair, makeup, exquisite!

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We're obsessed with "victory curls."

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We're obsessed with "victory curls."

Victory curl! Need to try this hairstyle one day

Love this retro Up Do! Rockabilly Hair:: Pin Up Hairstyles:: Vintage Hair:: Retro Haristyles

Long hair with victory curl 💜 -Miranda Woods

Long hair with victory curl 💜 -Miranda Woods