Oneonta Narrows - Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. Located at the Columbia River at River Mile 138, the falls are just half a mile up Oneonta Creek. The best way for visitors to reach Oneonta Narrows is by taking the Historic Columbia River Highway, which also takes in must-see sights such as the Benson State Recreation Area, Multnomah Falls, John B Yeon State Park and Ainsworth State Park.

19 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Oregon

Oneonta Narrows, Oregon, USA Oregon is one of the best places in the U. for nature photography. Don't forget your camera when you travel here.

The Mongolia Taiga is a particularly challenging land — it is difficult to navigate and endures harsh winters.

These photos of a lost Mongolian tribe are incredible

diaphanee: “The Everyday life of the Dukha Reindeer people living in Mongolia, photographed by the scholar Hamid Sardar-Afkhami.

Mongolian grassland

Spectacular Places: Lush green pastures, Mongolia - this reminds me of the Park County Colorado area too