Skopje,Macedonia Vodno

Montain Vodno is just a few minutes cab ride from Elsa Hotel. The spectacular view of the city from the top of the mountain, accessible with a Gondola lift, is a must-see if you ever find yourself in Skopje!

Matka Canyon outside of Skopje, Macedonia, was just one of the surprisingly beautiful locales I encountered while traveling the Balkans.

The Balkans Might Be the Strangest, Most Beautiful Place I've Ever Traveled

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Vertical Matka canyon Macedonia - Charlie on Travel

Matka Canyon is the ideal day trip from Skopje for anyone who loves nature, cool rocks and hiking. Matka is just a 40 minute bus ride from Skopje.

Daniela Dukleska: {Places} Ohrid, Macedonia

Get ready to feast your eyes on some images of the pearl of Macedonia, the beautiful city of Ohrid. This was the final destination of my Eu.

Skopje, Macedonia

25 Amazing Places in Eastern Europe You Have To Visit

Children are riding the Carousel located at "Macedonia Square" in Skopje - Macedonia, while their parents are waiting beside them. You can also notice the building of the National Archaeological Museum of Macedonia in the background.

Beauty of nature in the Mavrovo national park

Beauty of nature in the Mavrovo national park

Ski Resort Mavrovo, Macedonia

Ski Resort in Mavrovo, Macedonia. Mavrovo is a valley region in the northwest of the Republic of Macedonia. It is home to Mavrovo National Park and a winter sports center.


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