Inspiration deco outdoor : une mini piscine pour une terrasse. #dccv #ducotedechezvous #pool

°°Accrochée sur la colline°° a riad in Morocco - would love too!

An amazingly beautiful Riad. Riad comes from the Arabic word Ryad (garden) used for a house, palace or hotel with an interior garden.

Riad Kaïss, Marrakech.. a Riad is a private hotel.. YES!! Not realy, it is like in Europe people own castles and can not afford to keep them up, so they rent out part of it. This is the same concept. Beautiful old palaces and houses that part are rented out

A riad is a traditional Moroccan palace or large home. Today, many riads have been turned into hotels or restaurants. Riad Kaïss in Marrakech.


Gazebo with a fountain in the gardens of Bahia Palace (Bahia means brilliant), Marakesh, Morocco. It is a complex of ornately decorated reception rooms, apartments and gardens that was built by a grand vizier at the end of the century. Take some time

Emmy DE * Medina de Marrakech Riad avec piscine chauffe et terrasse panoramique…

Magical atmosphere in this beautiful Riad. Morocco is known for these fantastic accommodations. morocco is so FABBB

Welcome to the city of magic…and great photo ops! If you’re looking for a long weekend away but are after somewhere a little different this time, then spending

The Perfect Insta-Worthy Itinerary For 3 Days In Marrakech