Viajar a Mauritania

Normally, this would look boring to me, but I love how the shadows shape the image

The Sahara covers Algeria Chad Egypt Libya Mali Mauritania Morocco Niger Western Sahara Saudi Arabia Sudan and Tunisia, extending over 9000000 the largest/hottest/sunniest subtropical desert with a year-round sunshine duration of hours (or of daylight.

Inviting tent in the oasis of Tarjit, Mauritania  @michaelOXOXO @JonXOXOXO @emmaruthXOXO  #MAGICALMAURITANIA

The caravan makes it to the oasis which has 300 wells, date tress, and an uncountable amount of colored tents.

Soninke Woman, Mauritania, Africa photo by Margaret...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A Soninke woman paints the wall of her house in Djajibine, Mauritania Photo credit: Margaret Courtney-Clarke - reminds me of fingerpainting my bedroom walls as a teen. and look at her beautiful garment.

Located on the western edge of the Sahara desert at central Mauritania in northwest Africa, there is a giant circle called Richat Structure, whose diameter ranges as long as 38km.  It is made of quartzite.

Earth has Bullseye ~ This prominent circular feature, known as the Richat Structure, in the Sahara desert of Mauritania is often noted by astronauts because it forms a conspicuous bull's-eye on the otherwise rather featureless expanse of the desert.

The colors and patterns of places like Mali in Africa are a great inspiration for our designs and color schemes.

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73 - Sahara Desert, Algeria / Chad / Egypt / Libya / Mali / Mauritania / Morocco / Niger / Western Sahara / Sudan / Tunisia

The Sahara Desert.

Camels in the Sahara desert, Merzouga, Morocco. Will never forget climbing up the peak of one of these dunes and watching the sunrise.