Countries Where You're Most Likely to be Kidnapped

attack school in Potiscum North Nigeria Military and police rushed to confront Boko Haram militants who attacked a college in Northern Nigeria.


Israel tests its flying car…this is amazing

Obed Minchakpu: Chibok – an untold story of kidnap of Christian teenagers

Obed Minchakpu: Chibok – an untold story of kidnap of Christian teenagers – ContraCulture E-magazine

WINNERSWORLDS BLOG: Nigerian military working to capture Boko Haram le...

Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, may have died of gunshot wounds - JTF -

11 year old Yemeni Girl, escapes arranged marriage. My hearts just simply cringe at the thought that many girls out there have the same fate and cannot do anything about it. ”

Funny pictures about girl escapes arranged marriage. Oh, and cool pics about girl escapes arranged marriage. Also, girl escapes arranged marriage.

Christmas Family Bible Reading. I would love to do this with my future family

Advent Christmas (count down) Bible Verses to read. From December to Christmas Eve Good way to introduce the season and engage daily bible reading.

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Free Beacon on

On Wednesday morning, the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo was once again targeted by violent jihadists for the crime of depicting in print the image of the Prophet Mohammed.


Nigeria's islamists boko haram logo 'Western education is sin.

Will I ever be just a child?

Nations are in uproar Islamic State Using Dolls to Train Children How to Behead Infidels - Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

'Hug a Terrorist' Program Aims to Stop Spread of Extremism in Denmark -

The commissioner of a Florida county was out enjoying a day at the beach when he spotted a group of “military-age” Muslims doing something strange nearby.

#islam #muslim #war #pigs

A common misconception is that race determines religious affiliation. The muslim men identified in the photo above all look different. Their racial identity combined with their religious identity give them each a unique perspective.

Hajja, once kidnapped by Boko HaramAccording to a report by PM News, the Boko Haram gunmen who invaded the village of Konduga  in Borno on Tuesday evening and killed over 40 people also abducted 20 women. Their report below..Gunmen from Islamist sect Boko Haram are certainly not waiting for  the rew

Nigeria: 'Convert or die,' Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram tells Christian women. case for humanity & the lack thereof

Obama: Muslims Built the the Fiber of our Nation - Tea Party Command Center More delusional policy from our muslim-in-chief.

Obama: Muslims Built the the Fiber of our Nation - Tea Party Command Center If we don't get obama out of the white house, yes they will.

TerrorView - First Ever National Interview

Joshua Katz unveils TerrorView to Fox and Friends and the world on Tuesday November

No hate crime charges for Detroit Muslim who stabbed 2 after asking them their religion.  Of course it's not a hate crime, Muslims are peaceful, loving people.

Thomas-Terrence-Lavaron Michigan:muslim asks people if they're muslim, stabs them when they say no