Viajar a Camerún en 2018

Yaoundé, Cameroon  (on Cool and the Bang)

Yaoundé > Cameroon > Africa // This is the "monument de la réunification" which symbolizes the union of the French and the English part of Cameroon.

It is located on Georges V Ave. and it is real… This house is painted with technique called Trompe-l'oeil. With this technique the artist creates very realistic images that sometimes can play games with your eyes.

Wrapped Building An urban surrealism manifesto. It shelters the renovation of an Hausmannian building during year It's a life-size photographic work based on the original building, printed on canvas, enhanced with bas-relief.

L'Oreal in Stockholm by IAMZ - Buscar con Google

Designers from IAMZ Design Studio sent us this interesting proposal of new L'Oreal office building for Stockholm, Sweden. L’Oreal Products Company requeste

Queen Victoria Building. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire, England - another amazing staircase!

The third one down looks like an homage to the Witch-king of Angmar... Abandoned monuments that look like they’re from the future

Funny pictures about Abandoned monuments that look like they're from the future. Oh, and cool pics about Abandoned monuments that look like they're from the future. Also, Abandoned monuments that look like they're from the future photos.

Jean Renaudie's housing complex in Ivry sur Seine, Paris  geometry; urban; vigorous

Jean Renaudie’s Housing Complex in Ivry Sur Seine, Paris. Every house has a balcony for a garden of green plants and flowers.

The mountain village of Masuleh in Iran. Houses are built into the mountain side. Some families are so poor in Iran that they had to start villages like this.

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Vancouver Land Bridge ~ Vancouver, WA ~ This earth-covered pedestrian bridge, lined with indigenous plants and Native basket weavings, reconnects historic Fort Vancouver with the Columbia River waterfront, was dedicated August

I have no idea of the scientific value of this kind of projects, but I love to see some disruptive ideas being thrown at me. Sand Babel is a group of ecolo

Solar-powered 3D printed tower

Sand Babel - Solar-Powered Printing Tower by Qiu Song, Kang Pengfei, Bai Ying, Ren Nuoya, & Guo Shen

Flatiron Building during construction in 1902, New York, N.Y., photographed by the Detroit Publishing Company on 8x10 glass plate negative.

FlatIron Building Under Construction, New York, N.Y., 1902

Flatiron Building during construction in New York, N., photographed by the Detroit Publishing Company on glass plate negative.

Gijs Van Vaerenbergh Reading between the Lines seethrough church

One of the most beautiful churches by Belgian architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh. Reading Between the Lines is a semi-transparent church in Borgloon in the agricultural region.

Floating Hotel - Bahamas.

Dangers of Dental Implants - Dental Implant Facts

Ark Hotel of China is remarkable achievement of world and the one of the interesting buildings in the world. The Ark Hotel was designed by Russian firm Remistudio.