Congo River.  The river of dreams and nightmares, conquest and liberation, slavery and freedom

Plan your trip to Democratic Republic of the Congo. A travel guide of Democratic Republic of the Congo covering famous cities, places to visit, attractions, vacation packages and things to do in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The vanishing rainforest of the Congo basin

The vanishing rainforest of the Congo basin

logging is threatening the rainforest of the Congo basin, the world's second largest rainforest.


~Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa most beautiful places in the world. A perfect place to adventure among the iconic trees and wild animals~

Introducing the new Color Palette

Introducing the new Color Palette

Devil’s Bridge Kromlauer Park is a gothic style, country park in the municipality of Kromlau in the Görlitz Gablenzgasse district in Germany. An incredible attraction of the park is the Rakotzbrücke, more popularly known as Devil’s Bridge.

Pisuena Valley, Cantabria, Spain.

Valle del Pisueña, Cantabria, Spain- just look at the *drama* of this incredible landscape! (And to think I once believed Spain was an uninteresting country.

Emerald Pool at Subway Zion National Park, Utah

Abandoned Diamond mine - The Big Hole - Kimberley in the Northern Cape, South Africa


This looks just wonderful. Two of my favourite things: tea and mountains :) - Tea Farm, China

Burgundy Street, Madrid, Spain photo by rachbourne . look at that rich color of pink on those trees! so pretty!

Batad Rice Terraces, Banaue, Philippines

Clustered village in the Batad Rice Terraces Banaue - Ifugao Province, Cordillera Region, Luzon Island, Philippines. World Heritage Site Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras since

Camel Canyon - CHAD

Camels resting in the shadows at Guelta d'Archei Waters in North Eastern Chad, Africa

Secret lake

Bow Lake is a small lake in western Alberta, Canada. It is located on the Bow River, in the Canadian Rockies, at an altitude of 1920 m. Now that is a canoe!

Mossy Inlet, Iceland

Mossy Inlet, Iceland

Forest Stream Weatherprint Art

Forest Stream Weatherprint Art

Great for outdoor areas, weatherproof art will not fade, bleed, or warp under and climate condition! Features - x - UV Ink Giclee on Canvas - Waterproofed Canvas - Hang in All Weather Con