Another carving ivory of a man holding lotus branches. Neo-Assyrian period, 9th-7th centuries BCE. From Nimrud, Mesopotamia, Iraq. (The Sulaimaniya Museum, Iraq).

Nimrud Ivories at the Sulaymaniyah Museum

Ivory carving of a man holding lotus branches. Note the winged ring of the god Ashur at the top. From Nimrud, Mesopotamia, Iraq. (Photo taken by Osama S.M Amin at the Sulaimaniyah Museum, Iraq)

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Idjevan, Armenia. The bank of river Aghsdev,  north of Yerevan, is situated on both sides of the Aghsdev River. It is the administrative center of the Region of Tavoush. The name Idjevan comes from the Armenian word meaning hostel and is tied with the old caravansary which existed centuries ago and remains today, in a village named Caravanserai, 10 km south of town.

Idjevan, Armenia The bank of river Aghsdev, north of Yerevan and is situated on…

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Ararat, Armenia

Tulip Time by Kevin Pieper / A rare colorful sunset from the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington state.I Love Tulips.

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Yerevan, 100 Years after Armenia Solo Traveler’s Journal Part Armenia is a country with a troubled history. The Armenian genocide happened 100 years ago and the scars that the Ottomon empire.

A remote monastery in Armenia. For the best of art, food, culture, travel, head to Or click for everything a traveler needs to know about Armenia.

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