I am sure that I was born in the wrong era. Love these styles...oh well.

We sew retro. Vintage pattern illustration timeline from 1941 to 1969 of the fashion styles of each year

Faye Dunaway: Channeling Bonnie Parker into a  fashion trend that continues into the next Millenium

Fashion Muse: Faye Dunaway - Vogue 1968 Not angular but rounded shapes make this a good coat for me

Givenchy 1956 | #HauteCouture #red #vintage

Can You Match The Outfit To The Historical Era?

Red Givenchy 1956 - the original version of the dress i will wear on the wedding i will be attending next weekend :D… wow, this is one stunning vintage Givenchy gown.

“Mondrian” dress by Yves Saint Laurent, 1965.  I seem to remember my mom having a top in this style.

Week 10 Pop art dress Using image from popular artists Vintage Sixties Mondrian Dress Saint Laurent's 1965 "Mondrian dress", which was inspired by the work of the painter, Piet Mondrian.

Alexa Chung in Versus

Alexa Chung in Versus

“ Alexa Chung wore a burgundy polo neck and leather skirt with black ballerina pumps to attend the opening of the new Versace store in New York’s Soho district.

Save it for later. *I smirk at the boy who just flirted with me and walk off* My name's Alice, original, I know. *rolls eyes* I hate it when people flirt with me, but I'm very anti social, you see, looks may be deceiving. I love cars, my dad was an engineer in auto repair. Introduce? I don't bite.

♥ Fifties Girls

This pin has no info as to what decade or where this pic was taken. But judging by the dress style, white gloves and purse, I put this in the Classy and elegant.

Andy Warhol and some of his friends

Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, and Chuck Wein "iconic" New York City, 1965 Photo Burt Glinn Jazzinphoto

Pin for Later: Die 45 schönsten Kleider (& 5 coole Jumpsuits) für den besten Abiball aller Zeiten Athena Frock and Frill Flapperkleid im Stil der 20er Jahre (180 €)

Die 45 schönsten Kleider (& 5 coole Jumpsuits) für den besten Abiball aller Zeiten