How to Sing: Singing Lessons for Beginners

How to Sing: Singing Lessons for Beginners. I absolutely love singing and always wanted to learn professionally.

Hace unos días una lectora del blog nos pidió ideas para una fiesta que debe organizar para su tío que cumple...100 AÑOS!! La fiesta tendrá como motivo la "vellonera", que es el nombre que dan en Centro América al Jukebox, el tocadiscos clásico de los años 50 que funciona hechandole dinero y eligiendo la canción que quieres escuchar.Así que pensé en preparar un post con ideas para realiz ...

Ideas para una fiesta inspirada a los años '50

CrockPot Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti with Velveeta #VelveetaRecipes - About A Mom

CrockPot Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti

We realized that most television stands on the market were very overpriced or cheaply made and wouldn’t last. We had to get creative and try re-purposing.

Mel Dallas is a vine star along side her twin brother Cameron.    This year she is touring the the us with her fellow vin...

My Twin Brother Cameron ( A Nash Grier, Shawn Mendes Fancfic) - Chapter 5

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Olivia Newton and John Travolta..GREASE I loved it so much❤️ ;)

Grease starring Olivia Newton-John as Sandy Olsen and John Travolta as Danny Zuko gracious this still one of my ultimate favorite movies of all time!

#pinkobsession    Betty Alexander Rizzo, known mononymously by her surname Rizzo is one of the main characters in the movie Grease. Tough and sarcastic leader of the Pink Ladies, she does not like to hang out with Sandy because Sandy is not tough enough. She smokes, drinks, and does not care what others think of her. Rizzo is also a girl with a "reputation". The girlfriend of Kenickie. In the 1978 movie, she is played by Stockard Channing.

Betty Rizzo

From the movie "Grease"-Pink Ladies: Frenchy, Jan, and Rizzo! - I so want a pink ladies jacket.

Make EOS Lip Balm at Home! - DIY Projects for Teens

Make EOS Lip Balm at Home

DIY: Make Your Own EOS Lip Balm! (Recycle Old EOS Container). I use beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil.

31 Ways To Seriously Deep Clean Your Home

31 Ways To Seriously Deep Clean Your Home


Which Grease Pink Lady Are You?

(Grease, John Travolta, Olivia Newton John) This is my comfort movie. My first musical, I know all the words to every song. This is where my love of all things vintage started.

"You know how it is, baby, rockin' and rollin' and whatnot." ~ John Travolta in Grease

Danny: "Why this car is automatic, it's systematic, it's hydromatic. Why, it's a greased lightning." ~ John Travolta in Grease

tell me about it. Stud.

An entry from Some kind of wonderful.

Tell me about it, Stud!" - Olivia Newton John as Sandy in Grease. I've always loved the "bad girl".

Grease! My hubby ask me to be his girl on the way to this movie 36 years ago...(pin this 2015)

[55 images] UFUNK – La Sélection du Week End n°77

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John doing the hand jive in Grease.

Sandra D

21 Things You Didn't Know About The Movie "Grease"