Undertale fan art flowey the flower

mtt-brand-undertale: “ Because they took our love and they filled it up Filled it up with Novocaine and now I’m just numb Now I’m just numb And don’t mind me, I’m just a son of a gun So don’t stop, don’t stop until your heart goes numb Now I’m just.

Undertale - Flowey and Asriel by LadyFiszi on DeviantArt

This piece was inspired by ths one: To be honest, Asriel is not my favorit character. I liked Flowey more when he was j. Undertale - Flowey and Asriel

Got Flowey What Undertale character are you?

What Undertale character are you?

undertale, flowey, undertalefrisk Those are the wrong wingding for Gaster he speaks capital 1 not that stuf u have

Just a personal depiction of how Toriel's fight turned out. I put too much effort in this than I originally thought. It's for a contest anyway. Toriel and Frisk by Toby Fox Art by Edit: I.

Floweytheflower undertale<< I hate how he /knows/ about you, the gamer..... it makes it even more terrifying

Floweytheflower undertale I'm currently watching a lets play of the genocide run because I cant bring myself to do it. I'm one of those weak people, I guess.

undertale, flowey

Haha, that's too fun

Undertale - Flowey Origins pt 1 Source: http://lynxgriffin.tumblr.com/post/139248485408/to-be-continued-i-guess-i-just-cant-stay-away

Undertale - Flowey Origins pt 1 Source <<< dam that's sad

Flowey. Honestly, I don't understand either, but it's the right thing to do . . . So . . .

I'm so god damned sad. And I know people may not hear this often, but I understand why he did what he did. It doesn't justify his actions, but.

Undertale - Bad Flowey by ZombiDJ on DeviantArt

Undertale - Bad Flowey by ZombiDJ on DeviantArt song lyrics are from the song Bad Apple