Pretty colours, love the glitter on the ring finger

Gel Nails - Nail Art Designs For a Complete Unique Look

Bio Sculpture Gel - Marilyn (Hollywood Collection) Pack on the silver purple glitter to create a rockin party nail! ◆very pretty lilac color◆

Te mostramos algunas #ideas de #manicure que hemos hecho en el #spa en lo que va…

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Best Mac Nail Polishes With Swatches

I wish I had these nails. They are nice and long and a perfect color! But hold up there is Mac nail polish to now, wtf I'm soo lost

Nail designs are a way to show off our character and to be original.  When you see someone with exciting nails, your eyes are instantly drawn to them.  Let’s face it, we all want sexy

Best 15 Bright Summer Nail Art Ideas

Look sophisticated with this violet and periwinkle ombre nail art design. It looks smooth and clean yet gives you a strong impression.

Un mani nude nunca puede faltar. #Uñas #Nude #Mani

Lo más HOT en uñas para el invierno

Check out the lovable, quirky, cute and exceedingly precise designs that are inspiring the freshest nail art tendencies and inspiring the most well liked nail art trends!

Uas moradas Sencillas Elegantes y muy Femeninas

Essence - Dress For A Moment & No More Drama Two tone lilac with silver striping tape nails.

Маникюр | Видео уроки | Art Simple Nail

20 Worth Trying Long Stiletto Nails Designs

The Royal Spring. Get your nails look royal with this piece of art on your nails, the spark of glitter, the glow of diamonds and the touch of glossy purples makes this nail art design for royal spring perfect.

Punta coffin lila con dos dedos transparentes para lucir las rosas de gel

“Guess who came to work today! Oh how I miss her beautiful nails! She'll be at work this sat. She has one appointment left for Text me if…”