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TYPOGRAPHY COMBINATION [love that "wild" is laid-back and "rose" is more structured but with a laissez-faire vibe] Wild Rose Published in Typography inspiration

Blue Series for 36 Days of type #2 #typography #numerology

This is my contribution for the second edition of 36 Days of Days of type is a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to give their particular view on the signs from our alphabet.

Holly says: Typography Pin #1: I think this design is simply stated. The design elements and arrangement in this piece allow the reader to easily focus on the message.  I almost can "feel" this statement in which case, I think the designer got the typography and illustration exactly right. In other words, if there weren't any actual words, I would think to myself...ink and water don't mix.

Ink and water don't mix.but when they do it looks pretty cool! The font is Linotype Didot Bold and the designer is Craig Ward. /// love this the water ruining the ink just amplifies the quote i want it!

Goodwin Fall '16 Mixtape

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Typography Mania #302 | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

This design contains a super thick and heavy script and is paired with a thin and tall sans serif font creating an interesting balance. The script typeface has tight kerning while the sans serif has a more open kerning, also creating balance.

the way they shape the text into the shape of a building is well thought out and well done.

Norman Foster - Design by Gabriel Benderski -I like how it's a question in the shape of the letter L and the contrasting