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Twister Quilt Block Tutorial - using Lil Twister Tool, a 9 patch of squares bordered w/ strips. stitch it up & Twist away!

Twister -I really enjoy these colors together,very comforting..

Quilt as you go is becoming one of the most popular quilting methods out there and this video will show you how to do the technique using only your sewing machine. This method allows you to create a quilt in no time flat. You'll need lots of fabric stri.

QIS: Here's what the template for a twister quilt looks like.  I bought the medium one, my dh gave me the large one, and I made a 2 1/2" one like the picture above shows.  It's harder to work with but cute when finished.

My Favourite Things: Twisted Xmas Wreath Quilt - Tutorial. Make your own Li'l Twister template.

lil twister quilt, red, white and black, how pretty.

lil twister quilt, red, white and black, how pretty. Want one, but with navy instead of black for ST.

Busy Hands Quilts: Using the Twister Tool ~ in making a table top, instead of the 'boring' 4 square block on the left above, attack the block by using the Twister Tool and you get the cool new look on the right side!  NICE...

Busy Hands Quilts designs quilt patterns in most sizes from wall to king with clear instructions and graphics.

twister quilt | Judi Quilts: Twister template quilt

Do you love to collect rulers and gadgets? I have a fair share and this year am giving them all a run. First up, the 10 inch twister tool.

tutorial - I have the book "Square Dance" by Martha Thompson and have made my own templates, but it sometimes is hard to explain.  If you need a visual, this is great.

Tamarack Shack: Lil' Twister before and after to make twister *blocks*. Layout for a table runner here, too - I really like the blocks with space/frames around them rather than direct tessellation

Great Lil' Twister Tutorial.  Shows layout and size change.  Twister block quilt turns out about 2/3 the size of the square block quilt

Worldly Lil Twister Quilt Tutorial

Worldly Lil Twister - twister tutorial - you get about the size from the twister after cutting

Image result for twisted wreath rose pohlar

Image result for twisted wreath rose pohlar

Pinwheel Quilt quilt

Free Patterns at Quilt Country quilt shop in Lewisville, Texas sells quilting fabric, quilt patterns, and offers quilt classes.