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I got Sadness. For a while you didn’t know if you even had a purpose, but you’ve come to realize that you can help solve problems without cheering anyone up. And that sometimes, being sad is part of life.

Funko Pop Tristeza del Reves Inside Out

This is a Sadness POP Vinyl Figure that is produced by Funko. Sadness is one of the characters in Disney's new animated film Inside Out. The movie looks great and it's really cool to see that Funko ha

Del revés (Inside Out) (2015) - FilmAffinity

Disney/Pixar's Inside Out is now available on DVD. This is a MUST film for every movie collection.

TRISTEZA DEL REVES - Buscar con Google

This Pixar Inside Out toilet paper roll craft will help you celebrate the new flick.

Resultado de imagen de tristeza del reves

Resultado de imagen de tristeza del reves

My take on the “Frisk has a nightmare about the genocide run.” I really like the fan theory that Chara’s spirit took control of Frisk&. Undertale: A puppet remembers their strings