#GIF Adam Pizurny Trypophobia02 Collaboration with George Redhawk

Digital artist Adam Pizurny produces haunting GIFs of human faces using the rendering software ‘Blender’. From popping like a balloon to starting up a psychedelic world, each of the digitally-rendered faces is then turned

I choose this piece of work as I found this texture to be very original and inspiring. I think that when I'm going to producing my model I can use this patterns as it moght plays with light and shadow very nicely, as well as the shadow can be very relaxing for people coming over.

Looks like coral, but it's actually fungi! Photographs of fungi by Warren Krupsaw reveal intricate patterns - Telegraph

Silent Horror chap 179: Những hạt đậu

Silent Horror chap 179: Những hạt đậu