FANNNNNTASTIC!!!!  Cute Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

30 Creative Birthday Cakes - From cute critter cupcakes to candy-topped cakes, surprise the guest of honor with one of these fun birthday cake recipes.

We are SO doing this for Ziek's 5th birthday.

Ok, yes my baby turned six recently! I can't believe how time flies. Well, at our house you get your first friends birthday party whe.

Treasure Chest Cake

Treasure Chest Cake Yellow cake with buttercream with a ganache basecoat covered in fondant. The bottom portion is cake while the top part.

Shawn Ann's Home and Garden: Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

Eli turned 2 this week. The kids decided they wanted to be Jake and the Never land Pirates from Disney channel, Jake (J.