Torta de escalada en roca

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Make your own Rock Candy! Dissolve 3 cups sugar into 1 cup of water that has been heated over medium heat. Pour evenly into 4 glass jars, or 2 if you want longer sticks of candy. Fix your candy sticks to a pencil and hang over the middle of your solution of sugar, add food coloring and/or flavoring. Cover with paper towel and leave undisturbed for 7 days and the sugar will climb up the sticks making rock candy!
Un pastel ideal para aquellos que aman este deporte!! Genial para celebrar el aniversario de algún muro para escalar!!!
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Climbing birthday cake
Half Dome, Yosemite National Park. Hiking bucket list.
SECRET PLAYROOM "By a certain age, kids long for a secret hideout, a place all their own to play and imagine. If you want to create such a space in your home, there are tons of options - temporary forts made from sheets, teepees, tents, playhouses, clubhouses and treehouses. For the architecturally blessed, there is this.    This modern home features a secret playroom above the bedroom accessible via a climbing wall. The space above is tall enough to sit comfortably and stand carefully..."
Sugarland's Rock Climbing Cake for Jack's 8th
rock climbing cake
The Rise of Climbing - The New York Times
How to make a rock climbing birthday cake/…ng-birthday-cake/
Rock climbing cake - in case that happens to be the party option of choice this year. Saw one with smarties for the hand holds.
One Mini Climbing Rope Key Chain. $10.00, via Etsy.
Stairs at Beatles Museum in Liverpool. quiero subir esas escaleras antes de morir!
Rock / Mountain Climbing Themed Cake Kay Armstrong Design