Super neat idea for Father's Day gift + decor - A tool wreath!

Looking for a neat idea for Dad this year that you know he'll use? Combine a decoration and gift into one with a Father's Day Tool Wreath.


Santa Tulle Wreath Tutorial

Tulle Santa Wreath Tutorial -- Who doesn't love a fun wreath on their door this time of year? The problem is they cost more than most of the presents on your kids' Christmas list, or they can take longer to make than a roasted goose. Not this wreath!

Themed Wreaths:     Here at This Old House, we like tools. A lot. So, we attached beautiful antique tools to sturdy wire frame. Go ahead and turn your hobbies and passions into a wreath theme, too! Make sure you take the weight of your materials into consideration when choosing forms, adhesives, and attachers. Floral wire works great for heavy "ornaments" like the tools we used.

Creative Ideas for DIY Wreaths

DIY: Tool Wreath - glue old tools to a wreath base. Use tools from an auction? Adhesive worked the best - use a wreath with an open weave so you can stick tools into it. Hanging wreath on a door isn't the best option - it's very heavy!

Grapevine wreath with old tools for my dad's door.  Tools are tied on with binder's twine.  Added magnets for leaving notes on the saw!

Carpenter's Wreath - attach vintage hand tools to a wreath base, using wire or jute. This would be great on a shop door - via Heavens Maid

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at