Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken (Centro), Haise Sasaki (Izquierda) y Kaneki Albino (Izquierda)

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken (Centro), Haise Sasaki (Izquierda) y Kaneki Albino…

Sasaki Haise going back to his ghoulish roots

Everybody gets a meme

Tokyo Ghoul 3 temporada Será?

Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul: re Studio Pierrot Kaneki Ken Sasaki Haise

Tokyo Ghoul Art

Tokyo Ghoul Art

Anime - Manga. So true. The manga is HUGE and the anime is nothing, you could only find more information in the manga

Tokyo Ghoul anime to manga comparison. The anime is so disappointing

The man who named me, to the man that killed me, the man who gave me hope, Arima, you were my teacher, and my father, Kaneki, Arima, sad, text, comic, dead, death, Haise, white hair, ghoul, kagune; Tokyo Ghoul

"the man who named me, the man that killed me and the man that gave me hope. you were my teacher and my father" now cry. because I am crying too.