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Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Before torture Kaneki After Torture Kaneki with memory wipe Poor Touka

Tokyo Ghoul] Hình ảnh « Tuyết Nguyệt Cư

[Tokyo Ghoul] Hình ảnh

Day 6 Anime Want To See But Haven't- There are quite a few I wanna watch still but one of them includes Tokyo Ghoul

Anime Season: Winter 2014-2015

Good night_ Tokyo Ghoul (spoiler-) by Meeerleee

Good night_ Tokyo Ghoul (spoiler-) by Meeerleee. just rip my heart out, would ya?

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The official website of the anime adaptation of Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul has revealed new visual for the second season of the anime, Tokyo Ghoul √A.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 55

Tokyo Ghoul:re - Chapter 55 - 17

Kaneki is hugging himself because no one will hug him.

I look forward to the day I die because then the pain finally ends - Tokyo Ghoul quote

ただ..... ||| Ghoul!Amon ||| Tokyo Ghoul: Re Fan Art by アラン on Pixiv

a viscous level E vampire waiting for its next victim<<<umm, this is amon for tokyo ghoul, and he is not a vampire

Tokyo Ghoul :re {Fan Art} | Juuzou Suzuya

Suzuya_Juuzou✖️ Tokyo Ghoul - finally a pic where he doesn't look totally insane