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White Tiger ~ Bengal tigers are the only subspecies that come in different colors! Because they are a different color, white tigers are often believed to be considered a separate subspecies from orange tigers

Bengal Tigers - Best Friends Oh, to snuggle between them for a little while!!

Bengal Tigers - Best Friends - Both Endangered. Tigers are one of my favorite animals.

Tigre siberiano!!! Quiero uno!

If I could be any animal in the world id be a WHITE TIGER I love these beautiful majestic creatures fav

El tigre de Bengala o indio (Panthera tigris tigris) es, después del tigre siberiano, la segunda especie de tigre más grande del planeta. Mide tres metros de largo y pesa entre 260 y 290 kilogramos. Su situación actual es alarmante y es por eso que se han creado 8 nuevas reservas para su preservación en la India.

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Snow leopards

Snow leopards


White Tiger is a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle from Educa. Puzzle measures x when complete.

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Tigers love the water. Unlike other cats, tigers are known to be really good swimmers.