Las comparaciones son odiosas...

iPhone vs Nokia phone<<Funny story: I have an old phone which is so FREAKISHLY INDESTRUCTIBLE that I have ridden over it one my bike and it hasn't broken. I throw it at the wall when I am pissed and it LEFT A DENT. So, my phone is now dubbed The Brick.

old Nokia phones. I had the one from 98. It was my first phone. Remember this guys ? :)

Vintage Nokias: my first phone was the Nokia 5110 the standard in cool with interchangeable faceplates and sweet polyphonic ringtones. Ah, memories!

Playing Snake on a green-screened Nokia phone. | 25 Things That Were Totally Normal In 1999

25 Things That Were Totally Normal In 1999

"Playing Snake on a green-screened Nokia phone." There's actually an app that recreates this experience for today - and you KNOW it's on both my phone and my tablet, LOL.

Hace unos meses, la app de mensajería instantánea WhatsApp informó que dejará de ser compatible con teléfonos antiguos, como los modelos Blackberry y algunos Nokia.  Ahora confirmó que a partir de 2017 tampoco funcionará en dispositivos con sistemas operativos Android 2.1 Eclair y Android 2.2 Froyo, que aún tienen algunos modelos como el HTC Desire. La app, propiedad de Facebook, informó: “Desafortunadamente, WhatsApp dejará de soportar tu móvil desde el 31 de diciembre de 2016”.

¿Tienes Android? WhatsApp dejará de funcionar en algunos teléfonos

Those were the good old days…

Those were the good old days…

all the cool gadgets on pinterest in one pin. :p

Awesome Inventions.

We've rounded up another batch of fun and creative home gadgets, accessories. Who loves cool, well-designed gadgets? This girl!<<<<<<< love these things

22 ways that you kno that you were born in the 80s

22 Ways You Know You Were Born in the 80s / 90s

The Snake was the most addicting cell phone game! Not to mention the fact that any games on a cell phone was an advanced feature.

"mine" had a orange cover, and i left it at the mall theater once.  don't worry, it was returned shortly after we cancelled the service.

if you had a cell phone it was really just a cordless phone that you could play snake on Me: This is almost (or actually) identical to my first cellphone . but I never played this "snake" people refer to .

Sometimes I get mad that my iPhone is taking forever to load a webpage, and then I remember my first phone.... I don't even think it was capable of texting... But it did have the awesome snake game.

74 Things You Totally Did as a Teenager in the You Were Addicted to Texting and Playing Snake on Your Nokia Cell Phone

VERY neat idea, 'multitasking' is the game, 'feed me' case is the player

Feed Me - iPhone Case

FeedMe: storage iPhone case Probably not that secure, and would be bulky when you put stuff in it. But it's cute :) Nice and elegant for Apple Ipad Imac Iphone Devices Lovers Trendy and Good looking gift for everyone