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From elbow to wrist, discover cool ideas inked on the forearm. These top 75 best forearm tattoos for men feature manly small designs to inner sleeves.

by Chris Long at Fairborn Tattoo,Fairborn, Ohio. redditor melkaynun. “Be the one to guide me butnever hold me down.”

by Chris Long at Fairborn Tattoo, Fairborn, Ohio. "Be the one to guide me but never hold me down.

Tatuagem Flor Dente-de-Leão. "Só é digno da liberdade, como da vida, aquele que se empenha em conquistá-la". | Tattoo Flower Dandelion. "Only is worthy of liberty, as in life, one that strives to conquer it".

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Mother daughter tattoo

realistic color orchid mother daughter forearm tattoo by Sorin Gabor - She wanted something for her and her daughter and had sent me some basic ide

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smalltattoosco: “Unalome: the difficult path of life which results in enlightement, on Anna Mariah.

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