A good reference chart for when we decide to get our next tat

Wondering how much that next tattoo will hurt? A tattoo enthusiast website has developed a pain-o-meter and pain chart to help the soon-to-be-tattooed gauge how much pain they are in for. As expected, tattoos on the head and face won't feel very good.

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tattoo pain chart - I love how the woman has more green meaning women have a higher pain tolerance

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Où les tatouages font le plus mal

Definitely not true for everyone. My foot didn't hurt much and the part of my rib piece that goes up to my armpit didn't hurt

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I agree with all these, but sometimes small spur of the moment tattoos can be fun and good stories.

I hope the back of my neck doesnt hurt.  That's where I want my first tattoo

Getting your Tattoo Instructions

why that tattoo pain chart is meaningless.

I'm sure most of you have seen this image, or a similar one, floating .

What a tattoo feels like. Tattoo placement-- Paper cuts or blow torch!? How does those 2 things even compare to each other!? Hahaha

Tattoo pain rating chart from Inked Magazine. who exactly made this up cause according to this my "five star" tattoos should have had me "passed out or crying" where i was laughing and watching movies