TEACCH Task Box ideas for a special education program or autism classroom

TEACCH Task Boxes!

Little Miss Kimberly Ann: Task Box Ideas for Students with Disabilities

What a great idea for any words.Cards can be Brailled.From Little Miss Kimberly Ann: Task Box Ideas for Students with Disabilities

Teach life skills, sequencing, transitional words, following directions, language skills, and listening skills All-in-One with these Life Skills Sequencing Mats!

LIFE SKILLS Sequencing Mats

Color coordinated lock task box! Locks from the dollar store, cheap and easy and the kids love it!

Could match colors, shapes, capital/lower case letters, could be simple addition or subtraction for older kids.

Science sorting tasks are great for task boxes, science centers, independent work, hands on learners and more!

Science Centers Sorting Tasks *SET 1

How to set up a task box system for any special education class.  Great for any TEACCH program

TEACCH Task Boxes!

What's in my Work Boxes.  Another great post with lots of pictures of new task boxes to set up for your special needs students to practice sorting all types of objects in all types of ways.  Perfect for younger AND older students.  Get some great ideas at:  http://creatingandteaching.blogspot.com/2015/03/whats-in-my-work-boxes-part-2.html?m=1

This is a pin that gives ideas for work boxes to be utilized in the classroom. Work boxes can easily be differentiated based upon student skill level. These boxes are interesting and engaging.

Last month's data-collecting goals still ring true, but this month we're focusing on academic independent work. Find out why we love  these skills on the blog!! From theautismhelper.com #theautismhelper

Theme of the Month: Academic Independent Work

Telling time activity                                                                                                                                                     More

Folder activity for Learning Time - great manipulative when students know how to count by accurately can take to independent work location.

Language, Yes/No Questions, WH Questions, Interrogative Sentences

Yes/No Question Task Cards {Is this a...}

Which screw driver or nut driver vocational task box

Which screw driver or nut driver vocational task box. It would be a super easy fine motor/functional box you could set up this weekend. Great for middle and high school students!

Our interactive Math & Language Arts Workbooks provide independent work to your students & a HUGE help as you run through the unending list of to-do's at the start of the year! From theautismhelper.com #thautismhelper

Interactive Reading and Math Work Books