madidrawsthings:  God it’s been a long time since I attempted to animate a thing This was mostly a test for a bigger thing I wanted to put together, but since I only have so much time this weekend, this is as good as it’s gonna get for now.

madi draws things i guess? oh well here you go steven universe wanted to do something sweet after the fandom drama about leaks and whatnot yesterday;

It's basic Spanish don't worry

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It's basic Spanish don't worry. Chickas esta es mi novia: (translation) girls, this is my girlfriend (i love the whole meet the family thing) <<<<<< Thx

Cuando vez a alguien volar... Y lo confundes con Lapis a la primera

Cuando vez a alguien volar. Y lo confundes con Lapis a la primera<<hmm lapis what? Idk Spanish leaving this here anyway 😋

Steven Universe - Peridot

Fighters - Peridot

toonimated: Got lots of messages asking for a Peridot loop animation. I like how the design is so close to megaman’s proportions (legs, arms). Floating fingers are also always fun! More Steven Universe loops here!

Bebés :3 | Steven Universe Español Amino

Baby lapis so freakin cute 💙 ~ Steven Universe

SU steven demayo chat tumblr cinco demayo

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