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Ruby Necklaces Garnet - Steven Universe Necklace ADD ON - Additional Swarovski Round Chann'el Pendant - Crystal Dangle/Drop Charm - Birthstone Charm - 6 mm Kiln

Steven universe-Centipeetle speaking Spanish

Steven universe-Centipeetle speaking Spanish <<< Did anyone else notice Lapis drinking water with Peridot in it!

Bebés :3 | Steven Universe Español Amino

I think Steven was a little down after seeing Connie and her mom hugged. He misses his mom, too (they never got to meet physically even once) Anyway, lucky had little Lion )) This ep broke my he.

Sexy Bird Mom | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme

Yellow's been bad.

Oh Amethyst

Cuando vez a alguien volar. Y lo confundes con Lapis a la primera<<hmm lapis what? Idk Spanish leaving this here anyway 😋

It's basic Spanish don't worry

Claim your meme

It's basic Spanish don't worry. Chickas esta es mi novia: (translation) girls, this is my girlfriend (i love the whole meet the family thing) amedot famethyst>> I love this, even tho I'm a lapidot not amedot

⊰✩⊱Teams Oficiales⊰✩⊱ | Steven Universe Español Amino

⊰✩⊱Teams Oficiales⊰✩⊱ | Steven Universe Español Amino

Steven Universe - Peridot

Fighters - Peridot

toonimated: Got lots of messages asking for a Peridot loop animation. Here it is! I like how the design is so close to megaman’s proportions (legs, arms). Floating fingers are also always fun! More Steven Universe loops here!