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Star Butterfly - Star Vs The Forces Of Evil “I'm a magical princess from another dimension!

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For fans of good quality cartoons a la MLP and Gravity Falls: Star vs the Forces of Evil.

This pose was taken from the title. Made in July 23, 2015 Update: Under the wand has slightly changed from blue triangle to blue heart. People who downloaded this vec...

Princess Star Butterfly is the main protagonist of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

Star Butterfly #fantasy #art

emi-liu - Star Butterfly from Star vs the Forces of Evil,.

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Star literally looks good in everything, I don't know how to deal. Whether she's wearing a dress and tights like a toddler, or she's all dressed up, or she's suddenly a rebel pirate. She's freaking beautiful

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some random stuff I made to get likes lol (Mostly star vs. -STARCO TRASH -Game dev sometimes -I DEVED A.

Season 2 Wand by Star-Butterfly

My wand is now better than MOTHERFUCKER! I have planned and confirmed that I will make model of season 2 wand.

FairyArtists 104 16 More Like This Star Butterfly - Fanart 01.3 (Color) ...

FairyArtists 104 16 More Like This Star Butterfly - Fanart (Color) .