0h and I have, I am up to well over 200 pages worth. Plenty of evidence for court

A restraining order is a joke. If they're not going to not do that In the first place, what is a piece of paper going to do

VIDEO: How to Tell If You’re a Basic Bitch

VIDEO: How to Tell If You're a Basic Bitch

Check out this hysterical College Humor video on how to tell if you're a basic bitch. My favorite line: "It's my fault you're a basic bitch.

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It's funny they still send ya pins after they block ya and still watch ya BITCH YOU A FUCKIN FAN don't send me no more pins you crazy ass bitch and I'm only talkin to the ones who block me

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What's that saying you always love to say "I'm living in YOUR head rent free" motha fucka! Choke on your own words!(Whats Your Favorite Meme)