Grandma's Hands by Ernie Barnes. A work of art that Ernie created for Bill Withers that was inspired by his classic song "Grandma's Hands". It was one of the last commissioned pieces Ernie made before his death.

Proverbs Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves them is diligent to discipline him.(Spare the rod, spoil the child.) "Grandma's Hands, by Ernie Barnes

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Il Duce has a really odd tan line here.

Spank Art Print by Butcher Billy - $17.68

Spank Art Print

Spank Art Print by Butcher Billy

Over mummy’s knee.

Over mummy’s knee.

i still think We should try kissing and breakfast and Kitty massages and pounding before even consider spankings. Your Body is irresistible to me

justalittlefetishandstuff: “So true ” for Difficult Girls Poster She Just Needs a Good Firm Spanking and White Over Couch

Bdsmm quote submission dominant sub daddy slave dom master collar

findingmyinnersub: “ arkhamsmaddness: “ I always get frustrated when EVERYONE thinks that spankings are all sexual, there are many sorts of spankings for many different reasons, while sexy spankings.

-When my baby girl is bad I spank her so she can learn her lesson-

themovingcloud: “ Central Mesopotamian Goddess Figurine (Possibly Eshnunna) BC ”